Hi There! I’m Mahamud

A multidisciplinary designer originated from a very small country named Bangladesh, currently living around Asia. Sometimes I tend to live in Bali, sometimes in Dhaka or, Ha noi or, in Ulan Batar. It’s been quite a few months that I’ve moved to this region and leading a digital nomadic life, before that lived in Germany for almost 5 years. I’m very passionate about design, typography, illustration, making awesome pizzas and sometimes a bit of front-end coding.

When it comes to design or, illustration, my approach is always to keep precise attention to detail, minimal with clarity and balance in mind. I have worked with several small startups, individual clients like independent musicians to social media influencers and digital agencies remotely on a freelance contract basis for more than 2 years now. Currently working with a recording label named XL recordings as their illustrator/album cover designer on a freelance contract.

I’m always ready to team up with great & skilled people to provide the best solutions for users. Give me a knock if there’s any work possibilities in the sunny (! ) Amsterdam or, I can be helpful in someway!


P.S : I’m still upgrading and constructing this website but due to heavy workload I have at this moment the progress is a bit slow. Apologies if you get to see some weird stuff or texts flying around here and there! Specially if you are in your mobile device.